2018 Upcoming Events
12/15 6:30pm
高雄音樂館前戶外廣場 地圖
“島嶼故事" 影像與音樂跨界原創作品演出
“A Story of an Island" A cross art project with original music and photography
The Square at "Kaohsiung City Music Hall"
map Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
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2018 Past Events
9/18 7:30p
Premiere of "A Story of an Island" with Saxophonist Rex Lin at Ja-yin Choir Annual Concert
at Da-Dong Art Center, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
5/21 11:00a
A performance at Taipei Wen-shan Art Gallery as a jazz trio, with Kai-fan Cheng (double bass), and Lo Ssu Yun (violin).
Event Image and media 演出相關影音
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