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  • Sun, Nov 07
    Corner House角落文創展演空間
    Nov 07, 6:30 PM GMT+8 – Nov 08, 7:35 AM GMT+8
    Corner House角落文創展演空間, 115, Taiwan, Taipei City, Nangang District, Section 6, Zhongxiao East Road, 21號1樓
Upcoming Events 2021
11/7 6:30pm 島嶼故事第二章 A Story of an Island Concert Ch.2_Metamorphosis 蛻變
地點Location: 台北The Corner House 角落文創 Taipei, Taiwan​
2020 Dec
We just released our 3 new videos, a collaboration of Dance, music and film.
For more info about "A Stroy of an Isalnd" project 2020 :  Here
2020 Oct Playing at Christina Wells Live Streaming Concert
@Houston Sunday, October 11, 2020 at 7:30 PM CDT – 9 PM CDT
2020 March 17
It's an honor to be the accompanist for Christina Wells at "Applauds to the Musician" Interview
2020 Jan
A Story of an Island CD is now available with all major music platforms!
For more info see "A Story of an Island" Page
12/15 6:30pm
高雄音樂館前戶外廣場 地圖
“島嶼故事" 影像與音樂跨界原創作品演出
“A Story of an Island" A cross art project with original music and photography
The Square at "Kaohsiung City Music Hall"
map Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
2019 Oct 17th
Recording session at Lightsup Studios, Taipei
We are going into the studio for our second recording session this year!
2019 Aug 4th
"A Story of an Island" CD Recording session at "Lightsup" Studios Taipei
9/18 7:30p
Premiere of "A Story of an Island" with Saxophonist Rex Lin at Ja-yin Choir Annual Concert
at Da-Dong Art Center, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
5/21 11:00a
A performance at Taipei Wen-shan Art Gallery as a jazz trio, with Kai-fan Cheng (double bass), and Lo Ssu Yun (violin).
For more info please visit:
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